2019 NAMM Show: Friday Coverage

Friday’s sights.  Got a lot in before the zoo that is Saturday.

While Abasi Guitars had a booth last year, they didn’t have much to show.  This year had a much more tangible presence.  I was a bit surprised to see six, seven, and eight-string models.

The Avid booth actually had an 11 Rack on display.  It was notably absent in recent years.

Basiner is a new company offering another option for higher end gig bags.

Boss had the Tube Amp Expander on hand.

Cable Wrangler is a $25 product for toting and storing all sorts of cables.  It’s a clever solution to the issue of jumbled cables in a box or bag.

Claas Guitars came from Germany to show their wares.  Their online configurator offers a host of wood options.

Corona guitars offers some cool designs, not the least of which is a headless acoustic.

Digitech had all their pedals on display but nobody to talk to about them when I stopped by.

ElectroPhonic Guitars bring a new take on integrated amps with its lithium ion powered amp.

David Torn (a.k.a., “splatt”) performing at the Fryette booth.

Hiwatt introduced the Super-Hi 50, their first high gain amp.  They offer two versions, one built in China and the other in the UK.

Motherlode Electronics had prototypes of a 10,000 mAh pedal power solution.  It offers a 500mA output and several 100mA ones.


RME touts the Babyface as the lowest latency interface on the market.  They had Michael Angelo Batio demonstrating its tracking ability.

Sennheiser has gotten in on the plug-in wireless game with both transmitters and receivers in that form factor.  They all come with belt clip cases and the instrument version has an extension cord for those who cannot plug in directly or simply prefer a clip-on transmitter.

Solid Ground Stands has some lovely and clever folding wood guitar stands.


Skervesen Guitars

Soundcraft was showing off their new feature allowing you to combine two UI-24 mixers into a 48 channel mixer by simply connecting the two with a CAT 5e cable.

Spalt Guitars are amazing to look at and tremendous players as well, based on my experience one outside the show.


Rick Turner had a booth in Hall E

There was an abundance of wood vendors at this year’s show