2019 NAMM Show: Thursday Coverage

Another year, another NAMM Show! Some photos and comments from the show…

Alexander Pedals

The Beetronics booth’s yellow/hexagon theme was definitely tied in with the company’s branding.  They had a bunch of 1-off paint schemes (also aligned with the branding).


Singular Sound’s Cabli cable organizer might’ve been something you missed given its Black Friday announcement.  I preordered a couple and they were even more impressive in person than they were on the intro video.


Chase Bliss

After a few NAMM shows, you make some friends that you only get to see in late January.  Eppo and Yolanda from Chicken Picks make the trip from the Netherlands to promote Chicken Picks (love the product!) and introduce their new pointed Bermuda model picks.

Some interesting cutout guitars on display

Diamond pedals

ESP always has some amazing eye candy.  I’m a sucker for burl tops and as you can see in the second photo, someone at ESP digs burl as well.

Henretta.  I’ve always thought that their mini pedals with internal trimmer controls made a ton of sense.

Hotone’s Ampero.  Great form factor and slick UI.  Didn’t get a chance to hear it but it looks like it has the makings of a cool fly rig.

Hydra guitar stands.  It departs from the traditional tripod design to offer added stability.

Jam Pedals

JHS had a nice clean white design (including demo guitars)



Kemper had their new cabs on display

KSR is a brand that impresses me but seems to fly below the radar.  Here he was introducing his new 3-channel preamp pedal.  It sounds great and has a little eye candy incorporating the multi-color LED backlights that he uses in his amps.




One Control


Pedal Pads introduced a new modular pedalboard concept.  Each pad has its own integrated/isolated power supply and the board supports two loops.  Pedalboard routing is handled by the CAT 5 cables you can see inside the board.


Peterson’s new stomp box pedals.  Multi-color LEDs as well as multiple tunings.  They can also be configured to give string number instead of note, which should be useful to people who downtune or use alternate tunings.

PRS booth had its usual eye candy. I got some hands-on time with the Silver Sky and came away very impressed.

Quilter’s booth themes are always worth checking out.

Red Panda


I mentioned them last year but SCT had some more eye-popping carbon fiber guitars that weigh under 5 lbs.

SoloDallas found the perfect guitar to demo their products.  It was a pleasure talking with Fil since he’s the rare character who’s a bigger Malcolm Young fan than I am.

Our very own Tom Cram demoing his new Spiral FX pedals.  His lineup currently includes a fun and drive pedal.  The third pedal on display is a special edition fuzz just for the show.



Always on the lookout for pedalboard alternatives, these boards from Waggi are lightweight, solidly built, and feature ample space under the raised platform for power supplies, etc..  It just flips up for easy access.


WGS had some big news.  Vox was using their speakers in a run of amps that has been very well received.


TGP Member Somnium Guitars had his guitars on display at the EMG booth.  They make it super easy to swap pickups (literally takes a few seconds).


Tech21 was all about Power Engines and Fly Rigs


I’ll have more on Line 6 later but wanted to get a shot of the G10S wireless.

I still need to publish my interview with Source Audio CEO Roger Smith but he gave me a peek at the development version of the editor for their new C4 synth platform.