NAMM 2018 – Saturday Report

Here’s my last full installment from the show.  After hitting 80+ requested booths, I’m ready for a more leisurely walk around the halls on Sunday.

Audient introduced the iD44 interface, a 4-preamp addition to their product line.

The major additions to the Boss line were the Katana Air, GT-1000, and Katana Artist.





Fender had a sprawling “booth” this year.  There were a number of interesting pieces:

  • Jazzmaster Anniversary models
  • Guitar and amp made from pinball machine parts
  • The Eric Johnson hollowbody Strat.  Not the belly carve (unusual in a hollow body Fender).
  •  The updated California series.  Designer Brian Swerdfeger was kind enough to show off his work and take me around the booth.
  • A full line of FX pedals with some nifty features such as a magnetic closing battery cover and LED illuminated knobs.  Each was designed expressly for Fender and have lovely anodized aluminum cases.


Hughes & Kettner

K&M had a cool guitar stand that easily folds down.  This would be great for folks who have multiple guitars on a gig.


Marshall.  I took a picture of the fridge because I liked the Marshall logo on the shelf.



Peavey got into the carbon fiber acoustic game with their Composite Acoustic line.

The Soundcraft UI24H wasn’t introduced at NAMM but it was my first hands-on experience with it.  I was very impressed with the browser-based control which means that you don’t need to worry about end-of-life support for a mobile app leaving you with a doorstop.



Vox got into the guitar modeling realm with the Starststream Plus.