NAMM 2018 – Friday Report

by Alec Lee

Another busy day at the show.  The crowd was definitely bigger than Thursday.

Atomic Amps‘ newest product is the Amplifire 6.  It is replacing the Amplifire 3 and will also sell for $599.  In addition to the three extra foot switches, it has dedicated expression pedal inputs (the Amplifire 3 required you to use an adaptor cable with the FX loop to use expression pedals) as well as internal hardware upgrades.

Death By Audio

DiCroLam’s products have found their way into PRS fretboards among other places.  Their new product offers a figuring not unlike quilted or flame maple.


Electro Harmonix


While Carvin has ceased operations, Kiesel had a significant presence at the show.


I just posted my interview with Line 6 CEO Marcus Ryle.  Their major new product was the Helix FX, a multiFX device that utilizes FX modeling algorithms and user interface concepts used in the other Helix products.  They also released an updated version of Helix firmware that added new amp models as well as the M-series FX algorithms.

Marcus Ryle
Line 6 CEO Marcus Ryle

Lipe Guitars is the brainchild of former Ibanez Master Luthier Mike Lipe.  He offers an array of true custom shop guitars with a dizzying array of options.  The materials and craftsmanship are wonderful and the prices are surprising given the features and bespoke nature of the instruments.

Mike Lipe
Mike Lipe



Mad Professor had two new pedals at the show: The Kosmos reverb with a freeze feature and the Little Tweedy Drive which replicates the response of a Tweed Deluxe.








Mike Pinter (Pinter Instruments) introduced his new line of guitars featuring solid design/ergodynamics and a fascinating 12-string model.

Swiss manufacturer Relish seems to be trying to reinvent the guitar with a metal frame, hollow body, innovated pickup switching/ blending (using a touchpad), formed wood necks (a single piece bent at the nut instead of using a joint), and bamboo fretboards.  Despite all those innovations, the price is surprisingly only about $2K.




Source Audio’s newest creation is the Ventris dual reverb.  Designed with extensive input from TGP’s membership, it sports dual DSPs with full spillover and the ability to run two reverb algorithms simultaneously.  Their external reverb model is positively dripping.




Act Tone Solutions