NAMM 2016: Saturday Report

Saturday, as it generally is, was a zoo.  The crowds are bigger, there are more endorsee appearances (with associated lines for pictures and autographs) but also more “marketing associates” attracting attention for their booths.


Saturday had my last scheduled manufacturer meeting with John Page Classic.  More accurately, my meeting with with John Page himself.  The timing of my appointment was excellent.  I showed up a bit early and was treated to about ten minutes of Eric Gales jamming with Greg Koch.  It was one of the more enjoyable “demos” that I got to see at the show.  John ran me through his three models: Ashburn, Ashburn HH, and AJ (All his guitars are named after family members).  The AJ is the newest addition to the line, with an underwound P90 in the neck and a reverse slanted single coil in an ashtray bridge.  Controls are where you’d expect…if you flip the control plate on a Tele the way John prefers.  Neck and overall construction are the same as the Ashbury.  I found John’s instruments to be lightweight and lovely to play.

P1010765 P1010763 P1010764

Mike Lull‘s booth was unsurprisingly filled with lovely guitars and basses.  I found the blue basses at the top to be particularly interesting visually.  This picture doesn’t quite do them justice.


Kerry King at the BC Rich booth.  Interesting choice of tattoos on the guy standing behind Kerry.



I made a stop by the Quilter booth because it’s always interesting to see what Patrick decided to wear at the show.


I got a chance to sit down with Tom King of Atomic Amps.  We discussed the upcoming launch of his forum as well as other things Amplifire owners can look forward to in 2016.  Looks like there are some fun times ahead.


At the ZVex booth, Zachary seems to be following in Patrick Quilter’s footsteps but the Zvex booth echoed Zachary’s steampunk mode of dress.

P1010775 P1010776

Mission Engineering had their full line on display from their FRFR solutions to their expression pedals.  This was the one booth I saw that had Fractal (Ax8), Kemper, and Line 6 (Helix) all on display.


Pro Audio / Other

The market for modular synths seems to continue to expand if booth space is any indication.

Pittsburg Modular Synths
Pittsburg Modular Synths

Finally, as I mentioned above, there seemed to be more “marketing associates” out on Saturday.

P1010772 P1010773 P1010756 P1010752