Pedalshark Pedalboard

By Scott Auld

(Editor’s Note:  Pedalshark was kind enough to donate a new pedalboard as part of a giveaway to celebrate TGP’s 10th anniversary as a website. Since a pedalboard has no tone, this review only covers how it was built. Scott liked it as being rugged and well-built!)

The Pedalshark pedalboard that’s being given away appears to be extremely road-rugged and well-built. Pedalshark makes custom pedalboards boards any size the customer would want. The board itself is made from 7ply A grade Baltic Birch. The case is 5ply A grade Baltic Birch. The board & case also have a top ply of glass composite which withstands the elements better than ABS. High density foam lines the top of the case.

Inside, there is a solid deck with room for 4-5 normal pedals plus a wah / volume area on the lower portion, and an elevated deck above that can hold another 4 pedals or so. The decking is well-finished and the entire unit sits neatly in a brawny flight-case type enclosure, with massive twist-type locks and reinforced edges and corners – I feel like I could throw it down a flight of stairs and it would be no worse for the journey. The lid of the enclosure is completely removable, with the lower decking remaining in the other half of the case. Stout rubber feet are provided on the side of the pedalboard case that will become the bottom deck. This pedalboard is handmade in the USA. A solid folding handle is included. In summary, this pedalboard is just awesome, and whoever wins it in the giveaway is a lucky duck.

Also included in the giveaway is a great Cioks power supply, which provides DC power to all of your power-hungry pedals, with power cables included. The DC8 is a professional medium sized dedicated multi-output power supply for effect pedals. It has 8 regulated and well-filtered DC outlets configured in 6 isolated sections. With a total of 1.000mA it’s a perfect solution for small or medium size rigs. Its two powerful sections with 300mA each will power pedals like TC Electronic Novas, Eventide Factors, the digital BOSS or Electro-Harmonix pedals or others which draw a higher current than 100mA. The first 4 isolated outlets, which offer 4x100mA are ideal for 9 or 12V pedals needing less than 100mA. Combined with the included Stack Flex the DC8 will also power your 18 or 24V pedal.

Also there are 2 more items included in the giveaway. 3 feet of Godlyke Power Grip “velcro alternative” for mounting pedals to the board, and a very cool pedalboard light from Mighty Bright.